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11 Years

What started in a back bedroom has grown to the current main distribution, retail and headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

Seton Claggett leans back in his chair. That’s rare. It’s been eleven years and no one I’ve spoken to has seen him do that. celebrates its eleventh year in business this April. But more than surviving 11 years in one of the most turbulent decades in American business history, the Claggetts, Debbie and Seton, have built a business some acknowledge as an empire. The Claggetts’ is the largest triathlon specialty retailer in the world- on sales, on size. It’s a set of metrics both Claggetts brush off. To the Claggetts the greater achievement is the consistent level of customer satisfaction, current mix of products and the citizenship the business has built.

"It went so fast you didn't have time to think." Says McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship graduate and founder Seton Claggett. Claggett has thought his way to consistent growth through one of the most turbulent economic environments in U.S. history. started in the Claggett’s house after Seton finished Ironman in 1999. He was 24, a student at the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona. Once his Ironman preparation was over he found “20-30 hours” of discretionary time. In Claggett’s typically analytic way of allocating resources he used the time to start An experienced web developer at 24, he had built a number of websites for clubs at the University of Arizona.

Sustainability: In life, in business, in the environment. It is the #1 Core Value at From supporting athletes and events to stewardship of the environment, has been an active participant in the culture of multisport and in the environment. Left: A group ride leaves the store in Tucson, Arizona. Right: Water harvesting tanks, among the largest in the U.S., reclaim desert rain for use in and around the headquarters.

“The web, as we know it today, was emerging” Recalls Claggett. “I knew it would work.” Claggett left little to chance, authoring a detailed business plan with meticulous attention to detail that forecasted’s first year within “1-2% of actual results”. is a business born from a relationship, and grown on relationships: With customers, with vendors and suppliers referred to internally as “partners” and with the community and environment. The original relationship was the one between the Claggetts, Debbie and Seton. The couple met as Resident Advisors or “RA’s” on a dorm floor at University of Arizona. “We were working together instantly. It’s how we started.” Seton says of how he and Debbie met. Debbie Claggett, driven and efficient in multiple roles from the start, quickly built an encyclopedic memory of customers and products. It has been her sense of diplomacy and community that builds on Seton’s analytical strengths that make the couple an uncanny synergy. Debbie has incredible consistency to her demeanor, the tenor of a moderator. Seton tends to oscillate between information gathering and analysis and focused action. The contrast resonates through the entire company. founders Debbie and Seton Claggett. They met as a working couple and use interlocking skill sets in their roles at has grown and succeeded because of a perfect storm of factors. One of those factors is the employees. With a staff of 47 employees has pulled talent from all over the United States to the “Winter Training Capital” in Tucson, Arizona. It isn’t just the climate that brought in talent. The Claggetts built a corporate community that feeds the endurance lifestyle: health benefits, retirement, free demo bikes, massages, organized training, a commuter rewards program and an extended employee-family that has fostered hard work and rewarded innovation as it leads the industry as a desirable workplace. In 2010 was named to the prestigious Outside Magazine’s “Best Places to Work” list with 49 other top 50 companies including Patagonia, W.L. Gore & Associates (makers of Gore-Tex laminates), Timberland and LIVESTRONG.'s current retail store opened in October 2006. It includes a state-of-the-art bike fit studio, maintenance area, indoor pool and other amenities for customers.

A challenge of the online retail industry has been to dispel the sense of anonymity: To do away with a feeling of “bigness”. has done that through an early commitment to bringing the store to the customer with their event expos. Off-site expo sales were built into the original business plan with a 2000 sq. ft. expo space and custom expo/event support trailer and fifth wheel truck. The remote expo operation is bigger than many permanent brick n’ mortar retailers and can be anywhere in the U.S. served by roads in a matter of hours or days. The expo operations project the brand directly to the customers, live and in person, the way no online experience can. The result has been a watershed of customer loyalty to the online store.

The magic behind the curtain. With a complete video and still photo production studio for catalog and web content (Left), the customer service area (right) and offices for buyers, product managers, media artists, sponsorship coordinators, human resources and marketing the "behind the scenes" at is fascinating and vibrant.

Having started in the Claggett’s spare bedroom rapidly outgrew its walls and swelled into a new 4000 square foot location on Coyote Drive in Tucson. That location, a combination of two addresses, expanded into a parking lot filled with shipping containers for storage. Four years after moving into Coyote Drive, moved to their current Coach Drive location on the Southern edge of Tucson next to Davis-Monthan AFB. The current facility is a 22,000 square foot building recently expanded into a 27,000+ square foot facility with the addition of a second floor in the warehouse and expansion of the triathlon retail store to include a state-of-the-art bicycle fit studio and maintenance area. Additional offices for product managers and buyers along with a bank of administrative offices on the main floor were added. The most recent remodel even added a second story outdoor balcony to the back of the complex overlooking the Catalina Mountains and Mt. Lemmon.

In the life cycle of an order "pickers" pull orders from the two story warehouse, moving them down a slide for "packers" who check every order, personally signing the packing list. Freight companies transit the loading docks throughout the day with inbound and outbound freight.

While product and partnerships have always been a big part of another critical component is the fulfillment engine. Orders flow internally from the website to the fulfillment center in a matter of minutes. Orders placed before 1:00 PM Arizona Mountain Standard Time or GMT/UTC -7 hours are normally shipped out of Tucson to destinations around the world the very same day. Landed inventories are enormous, with pallets of fresh inventory crossing inbound loading docks on forklifts as packed orders are trucked off neighboring loading docks for transit to ground shipping hubs and Tucson International Airport. has shipped orders to all seven continents, including Scott Base, Antarctica. The fulfillment crew picks from the two level warehouse beginning in the early A.M. with orders “pulled” throughout the day at designated intervals. Inventory management is a massive undertaking executed continuously and to the highest standards of accuracy.

Left: A rare quiet moment toward the end of the day on one of the outbound docks. Center: deploys a 2000 sq. ft retail store to destinations around the Western U.S., complete with a bicycle service area and full triathlon specialty retail- even fitting rooms! Right: Co-Founder Debbie Claggett enjoys her morning commute to work, Arizona style.

As the company celebrates its 11th Anniversary the growth of the brand continues. Growth and operations are guided by the seven core values, an internal road map for the direction of the company governing decisions from the individual level to the strategic level of future planning. The business remains fresh since the changeover in model years for inventory means marketing and website maintenance are a never ending task. Like painting an enormous bridge, once you reach the end, it’s time to return to the beginning to start again with each new product model year. At the same time the processes are sharpened and improved.

left: The new TriSports Triathlon Club meets at Right: Co-Founder Debbie Claggett runs down Javelina Rock in Saguaro National Park.

Seton Claggett relates that he “Can’t possibly count the number of 100 hours weeks” he worked starting In his current role he says he, “Loves watching the process, men and women making the decisions that run the company”. As the Claggetts and the family celebrate the 11th Anniversary of I asked Seton how he maintains the energy to continue the vigor and innovation to remain a leader. He didn’t need to think about an answer: “You can get busy living or you can get busy dying. Our sport attracts people who thrive on living. That’s what we’re doing here.”