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TUCSON, AZ (January 12, 2015) – TriSports is dedicated to reducing the company’s impact on the environment and, to that end, has put into place specialized equipment and processes. When first approaching the TriSports headquarters, one can’t help but notice the 128 kW solar array and the two enormous water harvesting tanks that flank it. In 2014, 71,820 gallons of water were harvested for use in landscaping and other gray water needs – a 26% increase over 2013! The solar panels produced 238,197 kWh of energy, supplying almost 92% of the company’s energy needs. This was 15,000 kWh over the estimated production. By being mostly off the grid, TriSports also kept 8.74 tons of methane and 163 tons of CO2 out of our air, and saved 18,657 gallons of gasoline and 120,679 gallons of water. Current figures are always available by clicking the “Solar Powered” link at the bottom of every page on the website.

Along with these very visible examples of sustainability, TriSports also has a commuter program in place that pays employees to ride or run to work. 2014 had staff logging 21,833 miles on this program. Customers also play a big part in sustainability efforts when they place orders and the warehouse is able to pack it in a “Green Box.” The receiving department passes all usable boxes and packing material to the shipping department for reuse, resulting in more than 2000 boxes and packing material for over 8000 packages being sent back out in 2014.

The solar array, since installed in December 2011, has generated 736 MWh of power, kept 26.7 tons of methane and 560 tons of CO2 out of our air, and saved 56,925 gallons of gasoline and 368,209 gallons of water. The water harvesting has captured 259,320 gallons of water for reuse since 2011, and employees have commuted over 192,000 miles since the program officially began in 2009.


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