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TUCSON, AZ (January 11, 2016) — is committed to leading the industry in green business practices in support of the company’s mission: to live a sustainable and active triathlon lifestyle. To successfully reduce the business’ carbon footprint, TriSports has several programs in place to be effective in its conservation efforts.

TriSports began water harvesting in 2010, when the company set up two 18,000 gallon tanks. In 2015, the company had its best year to date and harvested 99,970 gallons of water, surpassing 2014’s record by 28%, over 28,000 gallons. Water from these tanks is used for irrigation and other gray water needs. The water harvesting has captured 359,290 gallons of water for reuse since 2011.

The company also installed its 128 kW solar array in 2011 and has since saved 1,466,914 pounds of CO2 and 69,901 pounds of methane from polluting the air. In 2015, TriSports produced 233,241 kWh of solar energy, exceeding production estimates by 10,053 kWh. Through these sustainable business practices, the company has generated 965 MWh of energy, while conserving 482,474 gallons of water and 74,871 gallons of gasoline in its lifetime. Real-time figures are available by visiting the website and clicking the “Solar Powered” link at the bottom of every page.

Additionally, TriSports has a commuter program in place to reduce the environmental impact made in the community, as well as encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for its employees. The Commuter Program provides rewards and other incentives to employees for cycling or running to and from work. In 2015, the staff logged a total of 20,298 miles. December marked an impressive milestone for the company, as the employees reached 200,000 bicycle commuter miles since starting the program in 2009. Currently, over 60% of the employees participate in the commuter program, and of those who commute, 80% do so more than twice a week.

TriSports Director of Operations, Nathan Hall, is pleased with the results from the company’s conservation efforts, “We strive to be exceptional in all facets of our business, from the products and customer experience that we offer, to the environment and community which we serve. We believe that just one company can inspire change; TriSports is leading this change by example, showing how businesses can take responsibility in order to reduce their environmental impact. We are grateful to have employees who echo our company culture, ensuring sustainability is occurring in all parts of the business. These programs demonstrate the many ways TriSports is committed to lessening the environmental impact of commerce, promoting conservation to better the community and world in which we live.”

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