The place to learn about triathlon. Continues to Decrease its Carbon Footprint

RRRTUCSON, AZ (April 6, 2016) – continues to excel in its conservation efforts with several programs in place to reduce the business’ carbon footprint.  The company has added another milestone to its list of sustainability accomplishments; new packaging is being used to replace corrugated boxes in order to decrease its environmental impact. This change supports’s sustainability core value, as these bags are 100% recyclable and made of recycled content. It takes 10,000 bags to account for only 7% of the weight of the same number of boxes, leading to a significant reduction on the organization’s ecological impact. Package weight has been shown to be the single, greatest influence of environmental burdens due to energy used in material production, transportation, and disposal. A corrugated box uses 23 times more energy and produces six times more carbon dioxide than the new bag being used. Through the use of these bags, 91% less energy will be consumed to recycle a pound of this plastic in comparison to a pound of paper.

Distribution Center Manager, Susan Meeker was the project lead in finding a more environmentally-friendly option for the company’s shipping needs. “After seeing the conservation savings we could attain simply by switching our packaging, it was my mission to implement this change as quickly as possible. What a difference a bag makes, it takes six trucks to deliver boxes compared to one truck for the same amount of polybags. In staying true to our sustainability value, this new packaging will help us conserve the environment, a win for everyone,” explained Meeker.

Among this new addition to the TriSports distribution center, the company continues to lead the way in business conservation with many other programs. The employee Commuter Program to date has accumulated close to 220,000 miles, with over 60% of the staff participating in the program. The facility has two water harvesting tanks that hold 36,000 gallons of rain water for landscaping and other gray water needs. TriSports also has a 128 kW solar array, which last year produced 233,241 kWh of solar energy. stands by its commitment to operate a sustainable business. The company and its employees believe that it is not only an organization’s responsibility to be green, but it is also the people behind the business that must make decisions in the best interest of the environment. Every department and individual at TriSports effectively contributes to these  efforts to minimize the environmental impact of commercial operations.

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