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TUCSON, AZ (January 19, 2017) – Two leading triathlon training companies, and InsideTracker have come together to help triathletes of all levels reach their personal finish lines in record time. is known as a leader in triathlon training and outfitting, while InsideTracker is paving the way for the future of personalized nutrition, training, and optimized health.

Through this exclusive partnership, customers will receive more value from their shopping experience with the latest offering from InsideTracker. TriSports customers will be given an exclusive discount on InsideTracker when they purchase through Along with their purchase comes an in-depth look into their personal race season to get the most out of their collaboration.

InsideTracker has become well-known among athletes for its never-ending scientific discoveries and relentless pursuit of the health movement. Their vision is to extend the quality and duration of human life by empowering individuals with information they need to manage and optimize their own health — by providing a dynamic, personalized analytic platform at the intersection of biochemistry and technology, then distilling the results into simple, natural, and sustainable paths for people to follow.


“We believe in partnering with the very best vendors to deliver products and services that our athletes desire to help them achieve their goals. InsideTracker takes the guesswork out of what to eat by providing tailored recommendations based on one simple blood test. Through this partnership, our athletes will get personalized feedback on supplementation, food preferences, optimal zones, and lifestyle at an exclusive price,” explains TriSports Director of Marketing & Operations Nathan Hall.

“By combining our shared mission to serve the athletic community, TriSports and InsideTracker now offer athletes a look into what their bodies are needing to be at their best, and TriSports gives them the tools they need to crush their races. A TriSports and InsideTracker athlete will be unstoppable,” said Mariah Bridges, InsideTracker Sports Relationship Executive.

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About InsideTracker
InsideTracker is a personalized health analytics company founded by leading scientists, physicians, nutritionists and exercise physiologists from MIT, Harvard and Tufts University. The InsideTracker platform analyses and tracks key biochemical and physiological markers as they change over time. InsideTracker uses sophisticated algorithms and large scientific databases to determine optimal zones for each user’s markers. InsideTracker’s expert system then provides science-driven lifestyle and nutrition interventions that empower people to optimize their markers. When optimized, these marker levels have been scientifically proven to increase vitality, improve performance and extend life.

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