Recovery is key for future performance

The In-Between: Tips To Keep You In The Game

So you’re a triathlete. And you train. Maybe you train a lot. Maybe you’ve even hired someone who knows more than you about training to tell you what to do so you can go faster. Great, now you know when and how far to swim/bike/run each day. But what you do in between may be nearly as important as what you do in each specific sport if you are injury-prone, as I seem to be.

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Garmin Vector Unboxing and Setup

The Vector pedal-based power meter from Garmin is one the most hotly anticipated and in-demand systems on the market, for good reason. The promise of a truly portable power meter that can be brought wherever you go and easily switched between bikes without excessive baggage fees, complicated setups, or specialized mechanical skills is compelling, and the Vector largely comes through, with a few important caveats.

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