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Editorial Policy: TriSports University


How Do You Know You Can Believe a Review? began publishing our editorial product pages in June of 2010. Prior to launching an internet publication/magazine with product reviews we wanted to adopt an editorial policy we could live with- and our culture could rely on.

Here it is:

Tenor of Reviews: Why no Negative Reviews?

You may argue that we are biased because we review what we sell. The profit motive ruins our ability to be objective.

The truth is the profit motive requires our ability to be objective.

We can’t risk problems when we buy large quantities of any product. We can’t spend millions of dollars on inventory that we haven’t verified is optimal. We have to test what we buy, and we buy what we test as optimal.

The fact that we buy hundreds (sometimes thousands) of a given item means we must be meticulous in our research.

Our reviews- and our buying- is a result of that research. Very few magazines have an editorial staff as large as our product management staff. No magazine depends on selling the products they review to survive. Simply put: Before you buy anything from us we take an enormous financial risk buying it in large quantity ourselves. We must verify it is optimal. That verification is where our reviews come from.

What you read in our product reviews is the result of testing we have done, experiences we have had on the way to learning about what to sell- and what not to sell.

We don’t print negative reviews for several reasons. Firstly, we do find inferior products. When we do we critique these directly to the manufacturer or distributor. We don’t print the review because, frankly, it doesn’t benefit us, you or the vendor. Additionally, product reviews take time and effort. Once we discover there is a problem with a given product and that another product in the same category is tangibly better, we default to the better product.

Industry Response.

We print the reviews of standout products that we buy ourselves- for our use and for resale. There are no perfect products though. What we print is our experiences in the real world. We’re fair and diplomatic, but we’re objective. If there is a shortcoming we mention it. Vendors have an opportunity to reply and we may include their remarks in our review if we feel they are valid and valuable to our potential end user (you). If you are vendor who has a reaction to one of our reviews contact us at:

Accuracy and Errors.

Even the New York Times has errors. We have errors. When we find an error in a review we correct it at the earliest opportunity. The specifications represented in our reviews are subject to change by manufacturers and distributors. Errors are rare and our content is proof read and fact checked but errors can still occur.

Gifts and Compensation.

Some of our review product is given to us as a “sample” on a no charge basis. Any equipment or products provided for reviews remains the property of Individuals do not keep it. It is often returned to the vendor who provided it or sometimes sold in special “Review Sample: As Is Condition” status.

We do not allow contributions, gifts or other compensations to influence buying decisions or review outcomes. This is a standard we maintain and uphold internally and voluntarily. The integrity of our culture and service to you depends on it.