The place to learn about triathlon. Honors Earth Day with Continued Sustainability Efforts

Shop pic solar waterTUCSON, AZ (April 19, 2016) — is continuing its success increasing sustainability throughout the company’s operations. Celebrating Earth Day, the company has multiple programs in place to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint. TriSports provides tours of its facility to students, business professionals, engineers, and architects to demonstrate how a company can adopt any number of these conservation programs and its eco-friendly facility design that has made TriSports nationally recognized for its sustainable business practices.

The most recent green business practice that was adopted by the company was its transition from corrugated boxes to new packaging that use 23 times less energy and six times less carbon dioxide. The bags are 100% recyclable, made of recycled materials, and will reduce the environmental impact by lessening energy consumption by 91%.

Since 2010, TriSports has been water harvesting using two, 18,000 gallon tanks. Last year the company had its best year so far and collected 99,970 gallons of water which exceeded 2014’s record by 28%, over 28,000 gallons. The water harvested is used for the company’s irrigation and other gray water needs. In 2011, TriSports installed a 128 kW solar array which has prevented 74,857 pounds of methane and 1,570,920 pounds of CO2 from air pollution. Last year, TriSports produced 233,241 kWh of solar energy, surpassing production estimates by 10,053 kWh. Through these environmentally friendly business practices, the company has hit another sustainability milestone by generating 1.03 GWh of energy, while conserving 516,682 gallons of water and 80,180 gallons of gasoline in its lifetime.

Debbie Claggett, TriSports Vice President, explains the importance of employee backing, “Every staff member contributes to our sustainability efforts, from the day-to-day conservation to the larger, departmental decisions that may impact our carbon footprint. With all hands working to achieve excellence in our sustainability core value, we are able to make greater environmental strides.”

James Cramton participates in the Employee Commuter Program

Another program in place to support efforts to decrease the organization’s ecological impact is the TriSports Commuter Program, which started in 2009 and has generated 220,000 miles to date. This year alone, employees have added 345 trips and over 4,100 miles to the commuter total. TriSports encourages commuting through a rewards program, ample bike storage, and access to lockers and showers for staff members.

The company continues its sustainability practices through its recycling program. TriSports reduces much of its waste and energy, while reusing what it can and recycling as much shipping and office material as possible. Packaging that can be reused is repurposed, and all paper, excluding confidential documents, is used again, then recycled. TriSports oversees recycling of wetsuits, bicycle tires, CDs/DVDs, and bicycle parts, the last being  sent to Resource Revival to be rebirthed as artwork. Additionally, used shoes are collected at TriSports, and the company has partnered with a local charity to donate customers’ old shoes for reuse within the Tucson community.

Through its numerous sustainability programs, TriSports is lessening the environmental impact of commerce and leading the way in industrial conservation. Learn more about at


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