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TUCSON, AZ (February 7, 2017) — continues to surpass its sustainability efforts from the previous year, achieving multiple records for 2016. With several conservation programs in place, industrial sustainability is a top priority for TriSports, as observed in the company’s core values.

The 128 kW solar array was installed in December 2011 and in its lifetime has produced 1.22 GWh of energy. Since its inception, the actual output has over-produced by 8.5% from the original production estimates. This amount of energy production has conserved 94,456 gallons of gasoline and 608,691 gallons of water over its lifespan. Other than solar energy, TriSports also has two 36,000 gallon water harvesting tanks. These tanks were installed in 2011 to collect rain water and condensate to use for landscaping and other gray water purposes. Last year, 72,340 gallons of water was harvested, contributing to a total of 431,630 gallons since installation of the system.

TriSports continues its green efforts with an employee bike and run commuter program, providing the staff with incentives for commuting. Over 50% of the employees participate in the program and in 2016 the staff logged 14,883 miles. The company is nearing its 230,000 mile marker since it started the program in 2009. This program not only aligns with TriSports’ mission to lead the way in industrial conservation, but also contributes in keeping staff incentivized to make their wellness a priority.

Last year marked another exciting conservation milestone, when TriSports transitioned away from shipping boxes to using eco-friendly bags in order to better serve the environment. The corrugated boxes previously used for most shipping consumed 23 times more energy and produced six times more carbon dioxide than the bags used now. With these bags in use, 91% less energy will be used to recycle a pound of this material in comparison to a pound of paper.

Seton Claggett, TriSports CEO, and sustainability proponent said, “I hope that our efforts as a company pave the way to show other businesses that adopting conservation practices is economical and easy to implement whatever the business size. As a corporation, we have a responsibility to reduce the impact that industry has on our environment, both locally and globally. Every department in our company contributes to the success of our sustainability efforts. Each employee plays an integral part in the day-to-day conservation to the larger, departmental decisions that impact our carbon footprint. As a company that values environmental consciousness, we all take great pride in our annual sustainability achievements.”

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