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Product Review: 2Toms

Written by Adrienne Smith, Triathlete, Yoga Studio Owner & Teacher

Rooted in science and the love of sport, 2Toms mission has always been to provide the best comfort and care to athletes by offering the most technologically advanced products available. In 2002, Tom Lewis, an avid extreme athlete, went on a mission to create a product that would allow him to go on massive hikes without getting held back by painful blisters. Since then, the 2Toms brand has joined forces with Medi-Dyne, offering blister prevention, chafing protection, skin guard and odor eliminator products on top of Medi-Dyne’s array of cushioning, support, stretching, strengthening and massage products. Together they provide a compelling selection of products that offer solutions that offer both immediate relief and eliminate the actual cause of pain.

Several of the products were sent for testing and review. Here’s what I loved, liked, and thought about all the products.

SportShield and SportShield for Her!
I’ve been an avid user of SportShield for a few years. I use it to prevent saddle sores, blisters on my feet when I race and don’t wear socks, and the best use I have found is to prevent chafing on my neck from my wetsuit. I slather it on my neckline anywhere my wetsuit will rub and cause friction. I’ve also used it for my swim suits that are a bit too small or my speed suits when the water has been too warm. The ultimate test is saltwater – and I’ve found SportShield is the best lubricant to avoid the dreaded “hicky” marks on my neck. I always have SportShield on hand when it’s time to jump into the ocean with my wetsuit on for practice swims or full Ironman distance triathlons. I can still feel the slippery residue on my neck after 11 hours of racing. I don’t notice the difference between SportShield and SportShield for Her! besides the pretty, pink label.

Stink Free Spray
The ultimate test for smelly feet for me is my cycling shoes, I never wear them with socks, and they smell awful after a single ride. I’ve been spraying my shoes with the Stink Free Spray after every ride and my bike room does not smell as offensive. It’s not completely gone; however, it was a tall order after doing several races and leaving my bike shoes in my travel bag for a few days.

I never have an issue with blisters if I wear socks, so I put this product to the test in my running shoes without socks. I noticed instant comfort, smoothness, and lack of friction for the bottom of my feet and the top of my feet, where my foot hits the tongue and seams of my shoe. My feet felt great during my session. Afterwards, I noticed the slickness of the BlisterShield stuck to my feet – not the white powder, and my feet were a bit slippery until I washed them again. BlisterShield really stuck to my feet. My only suggestion for this product is the packaging, as the powder does not come out of the shaker with much ease. When I stick it down into the nose of my shoe to get it towards the top and avoid powder going everywhere, it’s hard to tell if I have enough in my shoe or not.

Stink Free Sports Detergent
I teach and practice Hot Power Vinyasa yoga on top of living with a smelly endurance athlete for a husband. All of the clothes in my laundry have been sweat through profusely. We’ve tried all sorts of detergent cocktails in our washing machine. The Stink Free Sports Detergent works to get the stink out of clothes. We noticed it helps to use it in combination with another detergent; there just doesn’t seem to be enough in each individual pack to take hold of the stink in an entire load of laundry. Unless we are traveling and only washing a few items, my suggestion would be to increase the volume per package for the single-use travel packets. However, the Stink Free Sports Detergent does come in a 30 ounce size which would allow you to be more generous when adding the detergent if you have a load of sweat-laden clothes.

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About the Author: Adrienne Smith has been a fierce competitor since she was a little girl—everything from figure skating and circus classes to more recently trying her cards as a professional triathlete for a few years. Now owning and operating Power of Your Om Yoga Studio in Santa Barbara, California, she competes in running races and triathlons recreationally, and spends more time playing around at the beach, walking her dog and practicing more yoga.  Adrienne loves the commitment, discipline and courage necessary for endurance sports, yoga and being an entrepreneur—all require consistent focus on the reality of the present moment to face her fear of failure, the trap of comparison and the life-sucking goal of perfection. They have created several breakdowns, breakthroughs and transformations – inside and out. Studio website: