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Slow Down

Here's my advice. Slow down. If you want to go faster, get stronger and be more healthy, slow down. Isn't the reason we exercise for health reasons? Did we lose this notion? Ask yourself, do you know your heart rate zones?

5 Triathlon Tips to Save Time & Money

Written by Patrick McCrann, Endurance Nation founder and 22-time IRONMAN finisher Whether you're new to triathlon, or a seasoned veteran, you fully understand the true cost of our sport: time and money. As the sport of triathlon has evolved…

Improve Your Swim Technique Today

Written by David Tatum, USAT Level 1 coach and IRONMAN All World Athlete Let’s face it, swimming seems to the weakest of the three sports for the majority of triathletes. For whatever reason, many athletes come to the sport with a…

5 Bike Repair Lessons for Triathletes

Written by Becky Bader, Age-Group Triathlete and Former TriSports Elite Athlete Before transitioning into IRONMAN triathlon, I spent many years racing bikes and occasionally working at bike shops in between jobs that some might…