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Orbea Ordu Dura-Ace Mix Tri Bike.

Working with partners Orbea, we pulled together a special value oriented build of the proven, Ironman winning Ordu triathlon bike with a Shimano Dura-Ace mix component kit. See how we speced the bike for a special buy here.

Mavic Plasma and Synchro Helmets.

Mavic is a proven innovator in cycling with impressive high-end quality. It's no surprise their new helmets move to the very top of the category leapfrogging some legacy helmet brands for fit, feel and protection. See how Mavic got these…

Bell Javelin Aero Helmet.

Bell's new Javelin is the aero helmet designed for triathlon users. With an integrated visor, ear fairings and a host of practical, quick donning features Bell may have just moved to the front of the triathlon aero helmet category. Try on…

Book Review: Tucson Spokes.

Tucson is officially named by city government as "The Winter Training Capital". Stefan Walz and Chris Mooney's new book, "Tucson Spokes: A Photo Collection of the Tucson Cycling Community" Shows why. Take a peek into this great new title…