Product Review: Lumo Run Sensor & Clip

Written by David Tatum, USAT Level 1 coach and IRONMAN All World Athlete


Company History
The Lumo Run is based on the sports biomechanics research on distance running done at Loughborough University in the UK. Lumo comes to the table with some expert knowledge led by Mark Mastalir who used to work for Hoka One One and Rebecca Schultz who has a PH.D in clinical Biomechanics. Rebecca has eight years of experience at the Stanford Gait lab.

About the Product
Lumo Run is a small pod-like product that attaches to the back of your run shorts while you run. The pod charges through a mini-usb cable like many other products. It attaches easily and is hardly noticeable while running. The product syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth to your iPhone app.

lumo-picture-1Key Features
The Lumo Run provides real-time, biomechanical feedback to help an athlete adjust their running form to become more efficient. The Lumo Run Sensor measures your:

  1. Cadence: How frequently your feet touch the ground in a minute
  2. Drop: The side-to-side motion of your pelvis
  3. Brake: The change in your forward motion/speed
  4. Rotation: The twisting motion of your pelvis
  5. Tilt: The amount of forward and backward motion of your pelvis
  6. Bounce: The up and down movement your body experiences while running

The app provides coaching through short tutorial videos teaching the runner how to adjust their running.  The app also provides exercises and tips for the runner to work on when they are not running.


Running with the Lumo Run measures body mechanics and delivers feedback on how to adjust for improved running form. Offered through real-time audio coaching feedback when you run with your phone. The Lumo takes the place of a coach’s eye and measures more specifically what your body is doing.

Here is a picture of what I received in the mail.


Overall, the Lumo Run is a great product that worked seamlessly when I tested it. I completely forgot that I had it on when I ran with it. The product is super light weight and attached easily to any of my running shorts. The app is very easy to navigate and intuitive for the user. The product gives very useful data and feedback to help adjust running mechanics and improve posture, form and overall running efficiency.

The biggest drawback to the product is that in order to get GPS data which includes your map, pace and distance you need to run with your phone. For some runners, this may be a drawback because they already have a running watch like a Garmin 920xt and have ditched their bulky phones a long time ago. For others, this will integrate into what they are already doing as they run with their phones to listen to music. Lumo Run says they plan on partnering with a third party application, such as Garmin or Strava in the future to get the GPS data.

Data Application
The biggest question I had was would the average user be able to take the data that is being recorded and translate that into adjusting their running in order to see gains in their biomechanics. With so many new devices being developed to track data the biggest and most important question for the athlete becomes ‘how do I translate that data into something that I can use to better my performance?’  GPS watches, HR monitors, Power Meters and running biomechanical measurements can all help an athlete if they know how to use the data.  I asked Lumo about this concern and they said:

“We are continuing to improve this experience since helping the runner improve their form is our number one goal. We do not want to just track data for them. In the future we will be adding more exercises and more tips. We are continually coming up with our own from research or know coaching tips, as well as receiving new ones from our coaching advisors.”

I believe if Lumo is able to help the user translate the acquired data into useful changes in biomechanics they will be very successful. I am excited to see what they come up with to make that happen. Lumo Run is a great product that helps you analyze and improve your run biomechanics, I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to analyze and improve their running form.

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