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KASK K.31 Crono Helmet.

KASK is an Italian manufacturer of cycling, climbing and industrial helmets. We pull on their new K.31 Crono aero helmet and find some impressive features and benefits unique to this brand that make it the new Top Gun in aero helmets.

Orbea Ordu Dura-Ace Mix Tri Bike.

Working with partners Orbea, we pulled together a special value oriented build of the proven, Ironman winning Ordu triathlon bike with a Shimano Dura-Ace mix component kit. See how we speced the bike for a special buy here.

TYR Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit.

$1200 for a wetsuit? Really? Swim innovators TYR break new ground on price point with their sensational Freak of Nature wetsuit. The $1200 question is, does the freakish price deliver freakish performance?'s Seton Claggett…