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A Spectator’s Guide to Triathlon

Written by Nate Deck, Field Test Expert and TriSports Ambassador Team Athlete Beginner triathletes spend many hours learning the ins and outs of the sport. They swim, bike, and run. They research and buy new toys gear. They learn the… Partners with Endurance Films

TUCSON, AZ (July 25, 2016) -- Endurance Films Training Institute (EFTI) and have partnered up to offer customers a free, 30-day trial to access the largest library of endurance sports training videos. EFTI…

Transitions made easy

Before any given race, take a look around the transition area, and you'll find as many strategies for setting up equipment as there are participants in the triathlon. Gear overflows the set confines of a beach towel, 5-gallon buckets serve…

5 Triathlon Tips to Save Time & Money

Written by Patrick McCrann, Endurance Nation founder and 22-time IRONMAN finisher Whether you're new to triathlon, or a seasoned veteran, you fully understand the true cost of our sport: time and money. As the sport of triathlon has evolved…