Preview of Omaha’s 2017 Triathlon Nationals Olympic Bike Course

Omaha Triathlon Nationals: Bikes racked in transition, ready to roll out

If this is your first time to Triathlon Nationals in Omaha, here’s what to expect on the bike course.

It is a nice bike course, especially after you get out of town. It is mostly flat, not very technical, and the roads are in good shape.

Be prepared for a long run out of T1 to the bike mount line if the setup is the same as 2016. You may want to attach your bike shoes to your bike and run in bare feet/socks. The run was on carpet, which was nice.

Leaving the park, Storz Expressway has a nice wide bike lane.

Storz Expressway

The next big road is Pershing. If you go out for a practice ride, Pershing tends to be busy with traffic until you cross under interstate 680, about five miles out of transition.

Here’s the view at about five miles: You can see Interstate 680 crossing the Mormon Bridge over the Missouri River.

Mormon Bridge and the Missouri River

Now you are out of town, in the peaceful countryside.

You will pass Dodge Park, which was the site of one of Lewis and Clark‘s campgrounds on their expedition across the Louisiana Purchase in 1804.

In the Ponca Hills area when you merge onto River Road about seven miles out, you come to the steepest (but short) hill on the course. The ascent is approximately 150 feet in about .4 miles. A quarter mile of this is 8-11% grade, according to my Garmin.

This photo shows the steep hill, although it doesn’t look steep in this photo.

Get ready to climb

Then you are rewarded with a nice long downhill!  After that, to the turnaround at 20K it is basically flat…like a pancake.

Pancake flat roads for a bit

You will make a U-turn on the road at 20K.

Heading back into town you have a longer and shallower double hill. The first hill is .3 miles long and ascends 85 feet with up to 8% grade …followed by a flat section …then the second hill is .3 miles long and ascends 55 feet at mostly 4% grade.

Here’s the view from the top of this hill – on River Road overlooking downtown Omaha, which is not far from transition.

View from the top overlooking downtown Omaha

From the top you will have a short and fast descent, and on a blustery day I caught some squirrelly wind. This is one place you could gain some time if you are comfortable with the downhill, so you may want to try it before your race.

Returning on Storz Expressway, you’re almost done when you see this. 

Storz Expressway and Omaha Tower

Omaha Triathlon Nationals and race day are almost here. Good luck and have a great race!

About the Author: Sheri Schrock is a TriSports Elite Team member and USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach. She competes in the Women’s 60-64 age group and has been a long time competitor, training and racing in Minnesota.