Dave Scott’s 5 Tips For Your Best Triathlon in 2019


In case you missed Dave Scott’s Webinar, we’ve got you covered with a quick recap of what Dave talked about. Visit Dave Scott’s website for more information, and read on till the end to view the webinar in its entirety.

Dave’s 5 Tips For Your Best Triathlon in 2019

1: How to Optimize your Training Time for Maximum ROI

Dave talked about the intensity level for short workouts more often. Don’t replace long workouts entirely, but there is a benefit to very focused, purposeful workouts – especially with our busy schedules.

2: The Most Important Bodywork for Triathletes

This was a great session. Dave provides some great tips and drills to make the most of your workouts. My take away was a drill used to open up the hip flexors during a workout, and the importance of engaging the transverse abdominal muscles.

3: Dialing in Your Most Effective Training Intensities

It can be hard to tell when you’re over- or under-training – especially without the help of a coach. Dave gives you the tools to take the metrics available like Heart Rate (HR) and Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and determine your best training zones to deliver the best performance on race day.

4: How to Avoid Common Race Day Nutrition Mistakes

Dave delved into the Ketogenic diet and explained why it’s important to him. The Ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits, and Dave details his history with it, including some mistakes he’s made in the past.

5: Creating a Bulletproof Mindset for Top Performance

The mind is certainly one of the body’s strongest muscles, and Dave gives you some great tips for how to stay aware in the race and gain control of your emotional race. He gives you tips that will get you working on holding a pace on the high end of your aerobic pacing while staying centered.

As promised, you can head on over to Dave’s Site and watch the saved video and chat from the webinar!

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