Get to Know On: Q&A


Where did the inspiration for the On name come from? Is there a story behind the name?

The name On was inspired by the natural feeling and effects of the CloudTec technology which helps to “turn on’ and activate muscle power. You can really feel this technology when you experience the sensation of running on clouds.

Tell us a bit about the research and design that goes into making On shoes.

There isn’t a single design element on an On shoe without a functional purpose. Legendary Swiss design precision means that every single element of the shoes are meticulously measured and tested to maximize performance on race day. On shoes are sleek and clean when they arrive in stores, but that comes from months and months of quick and dirty testing. On engineers and designs primarily through a fast prototyping process. The R&D team cuts, glues, rips and rebuilds shoes and materials to test even the smallest of elements. They create and test, create and test, until the final shoe is reduced to the max.

As a company founded by athletes, how important is it to On have real athletes test and use the product?

This is incredibly important. No footwear or apparel is ever produced without some key athletes offering input and testing the product tirelessly. On’s founder Olivier Bernhard is an ex-professional athlete and responsible for leading the innovation and development teams at On. He holds close relationships with a network of trusted athletes including runners, triathletes, ultra-runners, mountain climbers, and more. It’s important to have a versatile group of active athletes helping to shape the technology story of On.

Are there any exciting partnerships with On and other brands or pro athletes that we can learn more about?

On has a great roster of athletes from around the world. In the triathlon scene, our big focus at the moment is on the recovery of Tim Don, who broke the Ironman record last year and was favored to podium in KONA before he was struck by a car days before the race. He’s making incredible strides to get back to KONA this year.

What sets On apart from all the other running brands out there?

First and foremost, On shoes are unlike anything on the market. It’s the only running shoe that provides cushioning only when you need it. Our CloudTec technology gives runners the best of both worlds: cushioned landing, barefoot takeoff. In addition to being high-quality, premium running shoes, they’re beautifully and simply designed.

With so much new technology in footwear and materials evolving every year, what’s next for On?

Considering On only started in 2010 and is now available in more than 50 countries around the globe, we are innovating quickly! You’ll see some expansion and technology updates in stability, performance run and outdoor categories, so stay tuned!

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