Plant-Based Nutrition

Vegan-Friendly Solutions for Every Stage of Activity


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From protein powders to energy bars, it can be difficult to find the support you need as a vegan athlete. Even the most commonplace bars and gels contain animal products, making it a challenge to get fueled up during your workout. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these plant-based nutrition offerings for every stage of activity. Tackle your day’s run, bike, or swim with confidence and come out feeling better than ever.

Like carbo-loading before your big race but without the meal, Pre-Activity nutrition is best used long before your workout. Whether taken the night before activity or just a few hours before,  these mixes have been specially formulated to give you the lasting energy you need to start your workout on the right foot. Some focus on maximizing the body’s ability to retain water, while others seek to jump-start your system for improved mental acuity and increased energy – without the caffeine jitters.

So, now you’re 45 minutes into your day’s workout and you’re starting to get hungry, what do you turn to? During-Activity products give you easily digestible nutrients that result in rapid energy uptake. These are best used regularly during your workout to keep your tank topped off all day long. There are many options here, from the near-ubiquitous energy gels to more substantial solid foods such as energy bars and even flavored hydration supplements. Some people find it difficult to chew while on the bike or running, while others prefer solid foods when they know they’ll be out on an all-day workout. Experiment and find what works for you and your needs.

Once you’ve wrapped up your workout, setting new personal records in the process, it’s time to unwind and recover so that you can do it all again tomorrow. Post-Activity nutrition products provide your body with the necessary ingredients to repair muscle fiber, ease pain and discomfort, and prevent cramping. A solid plant-based protein powder will get you back on the bike sooner and stronger, while some powders feature unique formulations or ideal electrolyte profiles and amino acid supplementations for targeted relief.

Now it’s time to mix up your new Pre-Activity drink, choose the day’s bars, gels or other During-Activity options, and plan for your next workout. Just don’t forget to save enough of your Post-Activity mix and queue up your favorite shows to watch once you’re back.

Shop all of our Plant-Based Nutrition here.

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