Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Bike Helmet


Written by Hilary JM Topper, MPA and TriathleteIf you ask 100 people when to replace their bike helmet, most will say “never, unless it was in a crash.” It’s true that once you drop your bike helmet or once it has been in a crash, it needs to be replaced immediately. But did you know
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Optimize Your Race Day Experience


Written by Sean Anderson, IRONMAN finisher, USAT All American, AG Nationals QualifierWhether you are a seasoned veteran of the sport or a rookie, you learn something new at every race. And I’m sure every one of us wishes they had known a few more details about triathlon before lining up for their first race. So
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Staying On Course: How to Keep an Injury from Derailing Your Season


Written By Dr. Nicholas Parton, DPT, MTC, CSCS

You put in hours of base training and now your work has turned towards preparing for the racing season, so what do you do to avoid aches and pains that reduce your training? What do you do when you start experiencing pain? It’s every endurance athlete’s
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Become a Faster and More Efficient Swimmer


Written By Keri Ouellette, Elite Team AthleteUnlike running and cycling, simply increasing your turnover in swimming will not necessarily make you go faster. This may seem counter-intuitive to triathletes who are new to swimming, especially those coming from a running or cycling background where moving your legs faster generally results in a faster finish
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Sodium: What Is It And Why Do I Need It?


Written by Nathan Deck, TriSports Team ChampionNutrition. At some point in the training process every triathlete has come to the point of wondering about nutrition. What do I eat before my race? What do I eat on the bike? What do I eat on the run? How much should I drink? Should I drink coffee
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