Pam Kallio – Wife, Athlete, Employee and one of the toughest grandmas you will ever meet

Pam in Kona

One of our own is heading for Kona

It is not often that one of our very own employees gets to race in Kona, but that is exactly what Pam Kallio, our Customer Service and Distribution Center Manager, will be doing this weekend at the Ironman World Championships. This is Pam’s
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The In-Between: Tips To Keep You In The Game

Recovery is key for future performance

So you’re a triathlete. And you train. Maybe you train a lot. Maybe you’ve even hired someone who knows more than you about training to tell you what to do so you can go faster. Great, now you know when and how far to swim/bike/run each day. But what you do in between may be nearly as important as what you do in each specific sport if you are injury-prone, as I seem to be.
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ROKA – Maverick Pro Wetsuit Review

ROKA Main thumb

When I took the ROKA Maverick Pro out of the box before my first test swim, it really clicked for me that there was a ton of logic put into this suit when it comes to proper swim form. Our goal as triathletes is to be as efficient as possible in the water, and the Maverick Pro addresses this goal head on.
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Quintana Roo PRsix Review


The folks over at American Bicycle Group (the owners of QR and Litespeed) really understand what it takes to be a triathlete. Their goal with the PRsix was very simple – make an aero and light super bike that is easy to work on. Did they deliver? Absolutely.
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Should You Be Riding With a Power Meter?

PowerTap G3 Hub

Training and racing with a power meter can take your racing to the next level. How? Brian Stover of Accelerate 3 Coaching discusses the basics of using a power meter.
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