Preparing for Rio: Q&A with Katie Zaferes


Written by Stefanie PetersonComing off a big win at the ITU World Triathlon Hamburg, Katie Zaferes has a first place finish under her belt in the last race before Rio; not a bad way to begin one’s first Olympic Games. As Zaferes said herself, “To say I am stoked would be an understatement; I am
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Preparing for Rio: Q&A with Ben Kanute, First-time Olympian


Written by Stefanie Peterson

Ben Kanute is no stranger to hard work. Growing up in a family of triathletes will make one accustomed to weekends of training and racing. Both of Ben’s parents competed in ultra-distance triathlons and his siblings participated in junior triathlons. Choosing the prestigious college prep and military high school, Marmion Academy,
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Blending Consistency with Variety to Gain Peak Fitness

Mark Allen and Dave Scott in 1989 IRONMAN World Championship

Written by Mark Allen, ITU Olympic Distance World Champion and 6-Time Hawaii IRONMAN World Champion

Mark Allen’s first win against Dave Scott in the 1989 IRONMAN World Championship

Human beings are hardwired to become efficient at the things we do consistently. Artists perfect their paint strokes over time. It becomes easier and more automatic
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Transitions Made Easy


Before any given race, take a look around the transition area, and you’ll find as many strategies for setting up equipment as there are participants in the triathlon. Gear overflows the set confines of a beach towel, 5-gallon buckets serve as both container for gadgets and seats for tired athletes. Trays full of water slosh around and crowd the aisles between the bikes. In short: madness reigns.
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The Single Most Important Principle of Triathlon Training


Written by Jesse Vondracek, Professional Triathlete and TriSports Elite Team MemberIn the sport of triathlon, we have information about training being hurled at us from every direction. We have the best minds in our sport, plus leaders in the individual sports of swimming, biking, and running all dispensing advice. They are telling us about our
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